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At Y lab, we remember we are peacetime warriors combating devastating human diseases by pushing the endless frontiers in science.

Research Mission

Our lab aims to advance pharmacogenomics and precision medicine to treat diseases of the nervous system (epilepsy, autism, dementia, and pain among others), promote functional recovery of the injured spinal cord/brain, and originate satisfactory solutions to manage cancer and its neurological complications.

One main focus of the lab is on disorders related to SCN2A genetic variants, recently discovered as a leading monogenic cause of autism and epilepsy. SCN2A gene encodes the voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.2, mediating neuronal action potential firing in the central nervous system. We use mouse models and Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) derived neuron, microglia, and brain organoid models for disease modeling and unveiling disease mechanisms. We also develop next-generation therapeutics to tackle the disorders with the ultimate goal of effectively treating patients in a precision medicine manner.

Training Mission

Our lab aims to train future leaders in science and society with critical and hypothesis-driven thinking, teamwork and leadership spirit, and the desire and ability to get things done to make a dent in the universe.

Vincent Van Gogh had epilepsy and possibly fell on the autism spectrum.

Yang lab short video: "we will fight for you"


Yang Lab Core values


We strive to conduct impactful research that will push the field forward and change lives towards a better future.


We want our work to stand the test of time, and the knowledge and products we created to be trusted, used and built up on.


We open our eyes every day feeling excited to come to work to solve mystery, make the impossible possible and touch lives.


We know patients are suffering now, and families are desperately waiting for cures. There is no time to waste.


We use and develop cutting-edge technologies to perform transformative research that generate strong impact.


We value each member' opinion and appreciate the diverse perspectives brought in by each person's unique background.


We each has expertise and strengthen, but we alone won't be enough. We build strong partnership to achieve great outcomes.


We want to get things done and refuse to wait for things to happen. It won't. Instead, we drive to make things happen.

We are hiring several postdocs, graduate students, and technicians to work on exciting projects funded by 5-year NIH R01s. Please check the job posting and contact Dr. Yang Yang ( for opportunities.   


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