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June, 2024
We had our first lab social where we experienced a lot of positive feedback as well as growing more as a team. We played Kahoot on Brody's Psylocibin project as well as some fun invention games that got the whole team laughing. We loved getting to see Muriel again, one of the first graduate students in the lab. It was great seeing you, Muriel!!


June, 2024
Congrats to Yang lab 3rd graduate student Maria Isabel Olivero-Acosta for defending her dissertation towards a PhD! Maria pioneered the establishment of cortical organoids model to study SCN2A related diseases. We will miss you Maria. All the best for Maria’s future endeavors!!!

Maria graduation Image_20240627114436.jpg

June, 2024
Congrats to Sunny, Yen, and Xiaoling for winning travel awards from the Uplifting Athletes!

uplifting Screenshot 2024-06-27 115550.png

June, 2024
Yang was invited to give a keynote talk at the Gateway Ion Channel Symposium. Thanks to the organizing committee

Yang keynote Screenshot 2024-06-27 121203.png
gateway Screenshot 2024-06-27 121340.png

May, 2024
Huge thanks to the entire Purdue College of Pharmacy leadership team for this award!

Yang Chaney Image_20240529215126.jpg
Yang Chaney Image_20240529215126.jpg

May, 2024
Yang gave a seminar talk at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Thanks to Dr. Chun-li Zhang for the warm invitation! 

Yang UTSW.jpg

April, 2024
Undergraduate students in the lab are award-winning as well! Congrats to Hope Harlow, Akila Abeyaratna, Kathryn Lund, and Seoyeon Hong! 

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 2.42.55 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 2.55.14 PM.png

April, 2024
Graduate students in the lab are award-winning! Kyle Wettschurack won the College of Pharmacy Graduate Travel Award and Zaiyang (Sunny) Zhang was awarded the "Women in Science Program" travel award! Congrats! 

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 10.11.52 PM.png

April, 2024
Huge Congrats to graduate student Brody Deming for being awarded the NINDS R01 Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research!

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 10.00.04 PM.png

April, 2024
Yang participated in the American Epilepsy Society Early Career Grant review meeting in Chicago to support next-generation epilepsy researchers


April, 2024
Delighted to co-chair the Purdue Autism Research Center Annual Conference. Congrats to Manasi for winning the poster Award!


PARC Image_20240409111510.jpg

April, 2024
very nice to visit The University of Texas Medical Branch to give a seminar talk! Thanks to Dr. Qing Yang for the invitation

UTMB Image_20240409110804.jpg

April, 2024
Invited by Dr. Judy Liu to give a seminar talk at Brown University, and then serve as the outside committee member for a highly motivated young researcher Kelvin to become Dr. De Leon!

Brown Image_20240409110730.jpg

March, 2024
Yanb lab outfit. Rain or shine, we will be in the lab :)


Yang lab outfit Image_20240310120331.jpg

Feb, 2024
Congrats to graduate student Brody Deming for visiting IU South Bend and giving talks to inspire young minds! Brody is a rock star!

Brody Image_20240229214413.jpg

Feb, 2024
Invited by Dr. Ed Perez-Reyes, Yang visited the University of Virginia and gave a seminar talk. It was a great visit and could lead to many great collaborations!


UVA Image_20240214162649.jpg

Jan, 2024
Yang was invited to serve at the NIH CNNT study section Feb meeting.


CNNT 2023-01-28 115040.jpg


Dec, 2023
Yang lab undergraduate student Hope Harlow won 1st place for the research talk and Vinayak Shankar won 2nd place for poster! Congrats to our outstanding undergraduate researchers!


Screenshot 2023-12-09 194408 -1.png

Dec, 2023
Jiaxiang Wu's preprint studying the role of microglia in SCN2A-related disorder is featured by the TRANSMITTER/Spectrum | Autism Research News: Microglial overreaction to atypical neurons may drive autism.

Dec, 2023
Xiaoling, Jingliang, and Yang attended the American Epilepsy Society (AES) conference: Yang chaired a SIG | Basic Mechanisms and Neuroscience of Epilepsy: Human iPSCs-based Neuron and Brain Organoid Models to Dissect Genetic Epilepsy. Xiaoling received the prestigious postdoctoral award!

Nov, 2023
Yang lab members presented a record-breaking 8 posters at the SfN conference in DC! Look forward to the publication of these studies!

230265_Reg_Housing Banners_1600x432 (002).jpg

Oct, 2023
Huge Congratulations to Dr. Xiaoling Chen for winning the prestigious American Epilepsy Society (AES) postdoctoral fellowship!

xiaoling Screenshot 2023-10-24 103042.png
aes 1 Screenshot 2023-10-24 103226.png

Oct, 2023
A great visit to the University of Michigan to give a talk and interact with the dynamic epilepsy group there!


Sept, 2023
Invited by Dr. Long-jun Wu, Yang visited the Mayo Clinic, met great friends, and gave a talk.

Yang visit Mayo Image_20231005203338.jpg

Sept, 2023
Yang served as a panel member of the 2023 Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP), Autism Research Program (ARP).

CDMRP logo_03.png

Aug, 2023
Kyle and Yang attended the Genome Engineering: CRISPR Frontiers meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and presented a poster. Our research is moving toward transformative genetic therapeutics to correct disease-causing genetic variation using base and prime editing.


Aug, 2023
Together with Dr. Dandan Sun, Dr. Long-jun Wu, Dr. Zhiping Pang, Dr. Chunli Zhang, and Dr. Junfang Wu, Dr. Yang organized the Inaugural Society for Chinese Neuroscientists (SCN) Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA, and gave a talk. 2nd one was already planned and see you again 2024 in Boston!

SCN 2023.jpg

July, 2023
Yang lab attended the 2023 SCN2A family & professional conference in Boston. Our team presented 6 posters. Yang led a discussion on "Translational Research in SCN2A" and made a remark at the impact dinner. 

June, 2023
Yang lab outing with friends and colleagues at Korean BBQ to establish new connections and research collaborations!  

K BBQ.jpg

May, 2023
Yang lab presents a short video "We will fight for you" to highlight the small and bigger steps we took from 2017-2023. Special thanks to Maria for compiling the materials and making the video!  

May, 2023
We are excited to launch a "patient first" research program to establish disease models and develop transformative interventions, thanks to the $2.5M Hodgkin-Huxley Award from the FamilieSCN2A foundation. Our lab keeps expanding and we welcome postdoc applicants!

Screenshot 2023-05-19 103459.jpg

April, 2023
Yang lab was delighted to host a family visit and we deeply appreciate the substantial support from the family for our research to fight SCN2A-related disorders.

April, 2023
Surprise party by the lab to celebrate Dr. Yang's promotion to associate professor with tenure! Feeling supper privileged to have a determined team working together to fight human neurological diseases including SCN2A!


April, 2023
Congrats to Maria for giving an exciting seminar talk at BIG10 Neuroscience Seminar series

April, 2023
Yang was invited to give a seminar talk at Northwestern University. Huge thanks to Dr. Jennifer Kearney and Dr. Al George for the invitation!

March, 2023
Yang lab's first-ever Neuroscience Open House Event was a success! Special thanks to Maria for the poster/art design, and all the lab members for the demo!

open house 1.png
open house 2.jpg

March, 2023
Yang attended the NIH-funded Training course in Neurotherapeutics Discovery and Development.

NDD NeuroTherapeutics.jpg

Feb, 2023
Yang was invited to review for NIH CNNT study section.

CNNT 2023-01-28 115040.jpg

Feb, 2023
We look forward to a productive rabbit year with a growing lab and collaborators to push science closer to a cure.

2023 Lunar new year.jpg

Jan, 2023
Yang was invited to review NIH Director's Pioneer Award (DP1) as a first-stage reviewer.

DP1 2023-01-28 113628.jpg


Dec, 2022
We have been working around the clock to push science, especially for SCN2A, and achieved a lot in 2022. Now it’s time for our year-end gathering with lab members, friends, and probably future collaborators! We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday break!

2022 year end photo.jpg

Dec, 2022
Proud to hood Dr. Zhefu (Jeff) Que in the 2022 Purdue Winter Hooding Ceremony. Our lab strives to produce not only scientific knowledge to combat diseases but also future leaders! 


Dec, 2022
Our newly minted PhD student Dr. Que discussed how to lead a fulfilling and productive graduate school life to junior students in our Department. You are a role model Jeff!


Dec, 2022
Fantastic to attend American Epilepsy Society annual conference (AES2022) and gave a talk to discuss SCN2A related seizures! Session with Michelle Antoine from NIH, Tasso Tzingounis from University of Connecticut, Matt Weston from Virginia Tech and Lena Nguyen from UT Dallas. Marvelous experience!

AES meeting.jpg
Screenshot 2022-11-18 204012.jpg

Nov, 2022
SfN annual meeting special:  Privileged for Yang to talk to hundreds of audiences from all over the world. Of course, we talked about #SCN2A related disorders!


Nov, 2022
SfN annual meeting special: For the first time, Yang was chairing a minisymposium with co-chair Nina Gross to discuss the interface between autism and epilepsy. An amazing set of speakers include Georgia Panagiotakos PhD; Durgesh Tiwari PhD; Tristan Shuman PhD; Carlos Portera-Cailliau MD, PhD; Brielle Ferguson PhD.


Nov, 2022
SfN annual meeting special: We have 4 posters, and each poster has multiple presenters. Almost 4 hours of nonstop presentations to a diverse audience with great interaction. The poster presentation was a huge success.


Nov, 2022
SfN annual meeting special: lab dinner with custom-made menu, a tradition since 2019! We are able to bring almost all lab members to San Diego and had a bowling event this year!


Nov, 2022
Congrats to Maria for the Axion Biosystem Travel Award!

Screenshot 2022-11-05 121030.jpg

Nov, 2022
Congrats to Jeff for the Axion Biosystem Travel Award!

Screenshot 2022-11-05 120511.jpg

Nov, 2022
Very pleasant to visit the University of Arizona and gave a seminar talk. Appreciate the invitation and warm welcome from Dr. Todd Vanderah.


Oct, 2022
Yang served as an ad hoc reviewer for the NIH Clinical Neuroplasticity and Neurotransmitters (CNNT) study section, which was at THE Watergate hotel!


Oct, 2022

Great to visit St. Louis and have some fun with  Dr. Aubin Moutal


Sept, 2022

Congrats Dr. Que! 2nd PhD graduated from the lab! Jeff spearheaded the iPSCs models in the lab and made significant contributions to the precision medicine of SCN2A disorders. Great to have another nice lab photo together. Jeff will go to the pharmaceutical industry to push next-generation therapeutics in neuroscience. All the best to your future endeavor Jeff!



Aug, 2022

Had a lovely in-person visit to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and gave a seminar talk. Greatly appreciated the invitation from Dr. Hee Jung Chung


Aug, 2022

Thanks to Dr. Zhong-yin Zhang for the nomination and @Biocrossroads for this Award!


Aug, 2022

Yang presented at Gordon Research Conference: Mechanisms of Epilepsy and Neuronal Synchronization, and met new and old friends! (pictured here Ethan Goldberg and Amy Brewster)!


July, 2022

Yang was honored to give a talk and receive the FamilieSCN2A Foundation 2022 Core Value Award. The trust from the families of the patients means the world to us. We are pumped to build an inclusive team to push the research further!

yang talk.jpg

July, 2022

Yang lab attended the FamilieSCN2A summer seminar. We learned a lot and were inspired by the children and their patients! Our lab work around the clock towards the only END-GAME, which is to find a cure!


July, 2022

Yang gave a talk at Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine. It's an incredible in-person visit. Thanks to Dr. Bill Skarnes for the invitation.

JLGM photo.jpg

June, 2022

Yang gave a talk at Yale University -- thanks to Dr. Stephen Waxman for the invitation.

Screenshot 2022-06-21 111146.png


June, 2022

Yang gave a talk at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) -- thanks to Dr. Eunjoon Kim for the invitation.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 220311.png

June, 2022

Yang served as an ad hoc reviewer for the NIH Clinical Neuroplasticity and Neurotransmitters (CNNT) study section.


May, 2022

Yang gave a talk at Gordon Research Conference -- Fragile X and Autism-Related Disorders

Screenshot 2022-05-27 202926.png

May, 2022

Yang gave a talk at Mayo Clinic -- thanks to Drs. Vanda Lennon, Long-jun Wu, and Christopher Klein for the invitation.


May, 2022

Congrats to Yang lab undergraduate students Jacob Paulaskas and Chau Phan, who won the Research talks awards! We are proud of your guys!

undergrad 2022-05-07 172508.png

April, 2022

Congrats Dr. Eaton! The first PhD graduated from the Y lab. Muriel joined the lab in 2017 and has been an award-winning student with tremendous achievements. Her work on the Scn2a mouse model has been a tour de force, setting the stage for many exciting studies. Muriel took on numerous service roles in the lab and has a huge sense of ownership of what she does. Her spirit and work certainly left a lasting mark in the lab.  We can't wait to see the big things Muriel will do next. We will all miss you!



March, 2022

Yang is invited to talk at the minisymposium of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) annual meeting to be held in San Diego, Nov 2022. Look forward to the exciting program:


"The emerging interface between epilepsy and autism: from shared molecules to common circuitry defects"

20220107_Neuroscience 2022 Logo horizontal.jpg

March, 2022

Yang is invited to talk at the national American Epilepsy Society (AES) annual meeting to be held in Nashville Dec 2022. A supper interesting program:

"Paradoxical mechanisms of hyperexcitability in epileptic circuits."


March, 2022

Yang served as an ad hoc reviewer for the NIH Clinical Neuroplasticity and Neurotransmitters (CNNT) study section.


Feb, 2022

Feb 24 is the SCN2A Awareness Day and Feb 28 is Rare Disease Day. Yang lab is committed to research in precision medicine for SCN2A disorders and other forms of rare and common diseases. Our lab is expanding and we welcome applicants!    


Feb, 2022

Yang served as a first-stage reviewer for the NIH Director's Pioneer Award Program (DP1).


Jan, 2022

We are glad to receive funding from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) of the Indiana State Department of Health to study traumatic brain injury and autism.



Dec, 2021

Thrilled to see our paper is featured on the Cover of The Journal of Neuroscience and "this week in the journal". Really our big honor and privilege. Congrats to co-first authors Jeff and Maria!    

52 JN iPSCs cover.PNG

Nov, 2021

Yang lab has a group dinner to celebrate the achievements of our postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  

a thumbnail_IMG_3966.jpg

Nov, 2021

Congrats to Muriel for winning the prestigious Jenkins-Knevel Award for Excellence in Research from Purdue College of Pharmacy and giving a fanatics talk about her thesis work!  

a thumbnail_IMG_3944.jpg

Nov, 2021

Yang met the CEO and CTO of Axion Biosystems and strengthened relationship with our industry partners. 

a thumbnail_IMG_3921.jpg

Nov, 2021

Yang visited Emory University and gave a seminar talk. Photo with a good friend Asheebo. 

a thumbnail_IMG_3932.jpg

Oct, 2021

Yang visited Cincinnati Children's Hospital/the University of Cincinnati and gave a seminar talk. Thanks to Dr. Christina (Nina) Gross for the invitation!

a thumbnail_IMG_3835.jpg

Oct, 2021

Yang served as an ad hoc reviewer for the NIH Clinical Neuroplasticity and Neurotransmitters (CNNT) study section.


Aug, 2021

Yang lab attended PULSe graduate students recruitment poster event. Looking for multiple PhD students to join the lab!


Aug, 2021

Really privileged to see this insightful spotlight preview by Dr. Leonard Kaczmarek discussing Dr. Bender and our recent back-to-back publications, published in a prestigious review journal "Trends in Neurosciences"! Being previewed is a big honor for any papers and we are humbled to receive this recognization. Feeling unreal but super excited that our works may redefine Action Potential 101!

TrendsNeuro AP101-1.JPG
TrendsNeuro AP101-3.JPG

Aug, 2021

Textbook dogma suggests that inadequacy of sodium channels results in impaired neuronal excitability. Jingliang's potential paradigm-shifting work, just published in Cell Reports, however, shows that severe deficiency in sodium channel Nav1.2 leads to unexpected hyperexcitability in neurons. Our paper is a back-to-back publication with a paper from Dr. Kevin Bender at UCSF, illustrating the beauty of open science. Big Congrats to Jingliang and the team! 

Cell Report 2021 JL paper cover.JPG

July, 2021

Very humbled to receive our 2nd 5-year NIH R01 to study voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.2 related neuronal hyperexcitability and seizures. It was wonderful to see the 2nd one coming during the Independence Day weekend, which was symbolic, certainly giving us huge independence to pursue our research goals! Thanks to all our lab members who made this possible. Special shout out to Jingliang for collecting exciting but "strange" results, which was the basis of this Award. The "strange data" eventually turned out to be paradigm-shifting and allowed us to challenge the current dogma!  


July, 2021

Our collaborative project with pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly was published and featured on the cover of Pharmaceutical Research, an official journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. We helped to develop an in vitro sensory neuron-based assays to understand the nociceptive potential of pharmaceutical buffer systems used for injectable biologics. A well-tolerated buffer system is essential for drug formulation to develop successful medications to treat many diseases including cancers. Congrats to Muriel and Jeff for leading the effort and getting the work done!  

50C 2021 Pharm Res Cover.tif

June, 2021

Grateful to NIA for funding Alzheimer’s-Focused Administrative Supplements for us to work with Dr. Darci Trader and Dr. Cheng-deng Hu on innovative AD research using human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Special thanks to Jeff and Maria for spearheading the iPSCs wing of the lab.

NIH AGing.jpg

June, 2021

Yang served as an ad hoc reviewer for the NIH Clinical Neuroplasticity and Neurotransmitters (CNNT) study section.


April, 2021

Our lab's first 5-year R01 to study Scn2a deficiency related to autism was funded by NINDS! It is truly a group effect from all lab members, but special thanks go to Jingliang and Muriel!


April, 2021

Our first paper of the unique gene trap mouse model of Scn2a deficiency was published and featured on the cover of Genes, Brain and Behaviors, the official journal of the International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society. Many exciting studies to follow using this important mouse model. Check out Muriel's paper

46C 2021 Genes Brain Behav Cover image g

Jan, 2021

Excited to receive funding from PIDD-PIIN Alzheimer's disease and other dementias program to generate human microglia from induced pluripotent stem cells to study the interaction between microglia and neurons! Thanks to Jeff and Maria for laying the groundwork for this study! 

Drug Discovery logo.jpg


Oct, 2020

We are grateful to receive the 2020 Action Potential Grant from the FamilieSCN2A Foundation to advance gene therapy of SCN2A related disorders! Way to go Muriel!


Feb, 2020

Yang served as an early stage reviewer for the NIH Clinical Neuroplasticity and Neurotransmitters (CNNT) study section.


Feb, 2020

Special thanks to Dr. Aaron Bowman for including us in his Alzheimer's Disease R01 as a co-investigator


Jan, 2020

Maria attended the Stanford Human Brain Organogenesis Workshop in Palo Alto, California.



Oct, 2019

Y Lab presented four posters in Society for Neuroscience annual meeting and had a memorable Y Lab dinner with friends. 


Oct, 2019

Y Lab hosted the visit of Dr. Guoping Feng for Purdue 150th Ideas Festival.


August, 2019

Yang attended 3rd FamilieSCN2A foundation ​conference in Seattle.


June, 2019

Shirong attended the Allen Brain Institute Neuropixels workshop in Seattle


May, 2019

Congratulations to Jeff and Muriel for passing their Original Proposal and Anthony for being awarded the Lynn Fellowship.

Goodbyes and good thoughts to Yuansong and Tiange as they leave Purdue!


February, 2019

Thanks to Angie and Purdue professional photographer for taking beautiful pictures of our lab!

Ylab 0119DrugDisc.jpg

February, 2019

Celebrating Chinese New Years!



November, 2018

Chris presented at the Purdue Undergraduate Research Symposium


October, 2018

Pharmacy Graduate/Post-Doc retreat


September, 2018

Our space in DLR is now officially open! We will take the next giant leaps!


September, 2018

Celebrating Muriel's birthday!


August, 2018

Y Lab in beautiful DLR space is functional!


July, 2018

Getting ready to move to brand new space in Hall for Discovery and Learning Research (DLR)


April, 2018

Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium

emily poster.jpg

April, 2018

Congrats to Muriel for wining the prestigious NSF fellowship!


March, 2018

Celebrating Dr. Yang's birthday

February, 2018

Celebrating Chinese New Year


February, 2018

MCMP graduate student recruitment



Yang lab major equipment in place

Multielectrode Array (MEA recording system), patch-clamp and live cell imaging setup


Sept, 2017

Y lab swing space at RHPH 


Sept, 2017

Farewell Yale; Hello Purdue

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