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We are seeking energetic and passionate researchers of all stages (postdocs, visiting scholars, graduate students, undergraduates, and research associates) to join our team.


We accept graduate students from the MCMP graduate program and PULSe graduate program.  

For postdoc and visiting scholars, please send your application to In your email, include the following:


CV with a list of publications


a short paragraph of your current reserach summary and future research interests

a list of three references 


Hall for Discovery Learning Research (DLR), Room 336  

207 S. Martin Jischke Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47907

Office Phone 


Follow us on Twitter: 


DLR outside.JPG


Purdue College of Pharmacy Technical Support

Sponsored Program Service -- Coeus

GM AIMS Portal

JAX Characterized Cre Lines

Nature Index Journals List

RNA sequence of neurons -- Linnarsson Lab data


molecular architecture of the mouse nervous system;


mouse cortex and hippocampus;

mouse sensory neurons

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