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My mom is a resilient warrior who does not accept fate as it is. She was born in Shanghai, China with two elder brothers. Her early life was not easy but her focus on making a better life for her family never wavered. She was wholly devoted to the family that she loved so dearly.


My mom was a lifelong learner and achiever. While her formal education was disrupted during the Cultural Revolution, she never gave up learning. She mastered accounting later in her life and became a chief accountant. She enjoyed working, spending time with her family, and playing poker.


My mom was a cancer-fighting hero. Even when she was very weak, she flew to California multiple times to participate in a clinical trial. The reduction in the size of her tumors as a result of the experimental therapies provided valuable insights into the advancement of precision medicine. She believed in science and encouraged me to pursue a career in research. We have a dream that we will eventually conquer cancers and all diseases.


I believe a hero is not a person who wins the battle, but one who shows the courage and determination to fight until the last heartbeat. My mom is such a person. She taught me to never give up. It is my honor and privilege to be her son. She is forever my role model.


My grandmother planted the seed of Christianity early in my mother’s life. Upon moving to the United States, she grew closer to God. She is now in His hands and rests peacefully in Heaven.

A memorial article written in Chinese.



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